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How to Keep Floor Sofa Bed Sliding on the Floor

Floor tiles, vinyl or bedroom wood often cause the floor sofa bed slip out of place with the least pressure. The movement is not only annoying, but the legs of the bed can damage the floor. Commercial furniture rubber anti-slip grips are discs made of soft, highly textured rubber. Bed legs Press inside the rubber edges, which will attach to the floor. Castor cups – small plastic discs with notches in the center – work for beds that have small wheels mounted on legs of the metal bed frame. With any of these products, you can keep your bed from sliding on the floor.

Moffy Floor Sofa

Moffy Floor Sofa

Cut the edges of furniture a commercial rubber grip using sharp scissors. Trim enough so that the rubber grip is only about a quarter of an inch wider than the legs of the bed. Move the bed exactly where you want it to be. Lift it up instead of pushing so as not to damage the surface of your hardwood floor. Lift one leg of the bed up slightly and place a rubber-shaped furniture grip directly under it.

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Define the bed the bottom leg so in the end it is exactly in the center of the grip. Press down firmly on the bed on each leg once more to attach the edges of rubber furniture to the floor. Test the bed by pushing against an edge to make sure it does not slip on the floor anymore. Add a second cut out furniture the rubber grip under the first of them, if there is still some slip. Repeat it with each leg.

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