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How to Reupholster Queen Sofa Bed

Furniture fabric can be expensive. When calculating the fabric required reupholstering a queen sofa bed, the goal is to buy enough fabric, plus 10 percent extra for accessories or future repairs. It is good to learn the names of the different bed sections and understand how to measure these sections. To scale the pattern parts is simplified with the help of routed paper.

Black Futon Bed

Black Futon Bed

Upholstery Fabric

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Furniture fabric is printed with the top of the pattern perpendicular to the edge of the town (bound), which is the one along the grain. This means that a long piece of fabric that is to be placed horizontally along the inside back of a sofa, for example, with the pattern in the correct position (as a comparison. the pattern of drapery fabric is printed in parallel with the edge of the edge so that the pattern will be in the right position on a long, vertical, panel of drapes)

Measure Sofa

Measure the sections on the couch and record them as “width” with “length.” For example, the inside measures back from the inside of an arm to the other and records it as the width. The length of this piece is the measurement from the top of the sofa down (towards the floor) along the inside back to the bottom of the sofa. Reach down between the mattress and the inside back to the bottom of the sofa bed for internal measurement. For example, this would be recorded as 82-by-46, to indicate 82 inches wide and 46 inches long. Measure the outer back from side to side as the width, and from the top of the sofa to the bottom edge as the length.

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